Thermostat and safety devices for water heaters are our historical activity. With more than 70 years of experience in designing and producing water heater thermostats, we have acquired a solid expertise in water heater solutions. We support you all along the product cycle from the definition to the production and aftersales.

Electric water heater thermostats and controllers

We offer a large range of solutions and options for electric water heater as electric storage water heaters, electric smart water heater, storage and buffer tanks, from small to large capacities.

Our wide product range has been improved through continuous development in order to provide you with ready-to-use thermostat solutions for your product portfolio. Market and regulation evolutions, lead us to invest in energy efficiency laboratory. We support you in your production design by building new thermostat and safety limiter solutions. Reliable solutions that enable direct improvement of water heaters energy efficiency.

Depending on performances and budget, we based our thermostat solution on large range of technologies as rod sensor based on metal dilatation, bulb & capillary based on liquid and gas dilatation, bi metal disk and electronic.

Smart water heater

Best energy saving algorithms, water production adapted to user habits and higher energy class for your products
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Storage tank

Thermostats, safety limiters, backup heating elements and controls to set up storage in their system environment
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Storage water heaters

We have a large portfolio for any type of water heaters configurations. Whatever the tank capacity, the electric heating power, the tank insulation, the base material and the installation configuration (horizontal, vertical, over or under sink). We accompany you in your product definition qnd determine the interdependent features. With our R&D experts team and certified laboratory equipment with established efficient process, we succeed in getting the best solution in line with your strategy and your product market definitions.

Smart control thermostat for water heaters

Smart thermostats are the perfect energy efficient thermostat and provide up to 15% of energy saving. Based on electronic technology, we developed high performance smart learning algorithms that can automatically adapt to the water heater configuration and end user hot water consumption habits. Now operational for more than 10 years, they are market-proof solutions.

Beyond the inner smart technology, we provide large range of user interface. From simple LED with keyboard, to full touch sensitive technology and wireless standard communication. These interface options make the solution flexible and user-friendly. The user interfaces are ready-to-use and can be customized for water heaters, but also gas boiler, solar water heaters, heat pumps and storage tanks, etc

Storage tank

Storage tank is the most universal usage of hot water. Most of the time, storage tanks are associated with potential multisource of heat generation. It can be oil, gas or biomass boilers, a separate heat pump and solar heater or water heaters. To guarantee a minimum of comfort it is often coupled with a backup heating element and equipped with a thermostat and a safety limiter.

Compact water heaters

Compact water heaters are challenging products. It requests a high frequency usage of hot water along the day, quick response for hot water availability. All of this in a compact and reliable water heater solution. Our offer can cover design services in order to have the best fitting thermostat, limiter and heating element solution for variety of compact water heater layout. For example, low to high heating element power with different shapes, capillary or rod thermostat for under sink and over sink, or vertical and horizontal cylinders.

Heating elements for water heaters

Used as a main heating source or as a backup for storage tank application, we offer a large range of heating element technologies. From traditional copper tubular heating elements to ceramic based heaters. We support you to find the best adapted heating element based on your targeted objectives as performances, energy savings, or specific configurations. Associated to our water heating experience, the design of both thermostat, safety and heating element with a complete system view is the key to achieve the most suitable solution.

Water heater thermostat replacement

We offer a large choice of spare parts for plumbers and installers of water heating solution systems. Thermostats, heating elements and accessories are available for a wide range of devices.



Find the best quality thermostats, safety devices and heating elements for your equipment. You need a solution for your storage water heater, smart water, solar water heater or your heat pump water heater?

You need expertise to get to your targeted performance and a ready-to-market solution? You need a close collaboration for innovation and energy savings? Cotherm accompanies you and your tech for success in a timely manner. Cotherm can provide you the most suitable solution to your specific environment. We consider your market technical requirements, your expected performances, applicable regulations, logistics services and short lead time.