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Global environmental evolutions are creating new business opportunities and generating technical challenges which require both agility and global innovation.
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Time-to-market is a strategic asset and Cotherm invests continuously to actively contribute to the on-going success of our customers.The introduction of new solutions such as the first hybrid electronics control in Europe, a patented solution with an embedded smart algorithm, as well as the first plug & play intelligent controller for heat pump water heater are recent examples of this process.


R&D and Co-development

Cotherm global R&D strategy is to permanently develop our technical expertise by anticipating economical and social environment evolutions and by positioning technologies in a business perspective.

We design technical platforms ready to be implemented and adapted to our customer products in a timely manner. Special attention is given fluent, transparent and long term collaborations in order to establish the confidence with our partners and create the conditions for project success.

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Collaboration for innovation

The technology environment is becoming more and more complex from new materials to network connectivity. In order to create innovative products and maintain an up-to-date technology expertise, it is necessary to acquire knowledge from various domains and technology partners.

As a result Cotherm actively invests and contributes to a variety of advanced collaborative research programs. These include new materials, heat pump technologies, home automation system, smart grid and connectivity.

Cothem has been selected by the French Ministry of Industry to participate in the COMETE program. The aims of the program are the study and implementation of cloud services, and product solutions for comfort and energy efficiency in dwellings. Other partners in the program include:

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In addition, Cotherm is an active member of professional and public organizations to provide our expertise in different application fields such as sanitary hot water, heat pump water heaters, and space heating. More recently, Cotherm was invited to participate in new collaborative programs in the area of smart grid development standards.

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We constantly seek to contribute to collaborative research with new potential partners as a permanent effort to continue innovating with industry leaders.

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Energy efficiency laboratories

As an expert in water heating and space heating, Cotherm offers product performance qualification services in advanced laboratories based on major international standards.

Laboratories represent more than 50% of our R&D investments and allow us to make performance qualifications, provide conformity to standards and guarantee real energy savings which are the basis for our products and solutions.

In collaboration with our customers and partners, laboratories play a key role in the R&D projects. We permanently benchmark our results with partner laboratories which are recognized as major international organizations.

Cotherm laboratories have expertise in the field of water heater (EN 50440, EN 60335-2-21), heat pump water heater performance (EN 16147) and space heating (EN 60675) for the measurement of product reliability, safety and energy savings.*

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ERP Ecodesign and labelling

Energy efficiency is the new dimension added to Energy Related Product (ERP).

With the new requirement for energy labelling, Cotherm has committed significant investments in training, recruitment, equipment, and product development.

Cotherm is now recognized as an independent expert in Ecodesign and efficiency testing of water heating solutions. Hundred of products of different sizes and materials have been tested in our laboratories.

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