Innovation for Energy Efficiency

COTHERM reveals its new range of electromechanical thermostats dedicated to energy performance without compromising on economic performance.222_BD_Cotherm

 2017 : Ecodesign requirement will ban D and E class water heaters from the market.

EcoFlex®solutions make it possible to put a product range in the best energy class level with reliable technology, precision tolerances and a label specific ECO position.

The EcoFlex® range consists of rod and capillary electromechanical thermostats which achieve accurate control for improved energy capacity.
“Best In Class” solution for out-of-box test, it will allow water heater to save one energy class.



All products of the EcoFlex® range are equipped with the new ECO position developed for a better measurement accuracy, an optimized efficiency under the criteria of the energy label and a higher durability of the application.


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