This product is part of SAFETY
Relevant applications:


2-pole safety limiter with manual reset.



  • Fast reaction time
  • Choice of configurations for function
  • Optimized reading of temperature in immersion applications
  • Non self resetting  limiter
  • Guarantee of safety operation:  failsafe capillary
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature
  • Possibility for changeover contact on double pole version
  • Available in single pole version with automatic reset



Capillary :  The liquid within the capillary is transformed to vapour with an abnormal increase in temperature.  The increase in volume acts on a mechanism to open electrical contacts.  The limiter is manually resettable.  In case of damage to the capillary the failsafe limiter operates automatically.

Technical characteristics
  • SBSC
Type Single or double pole single throw (SPST or DPST) capillary limiter with manual reset. Option changeover contact : SBSC3
Safety limiter temperature 75 to 125°C / 167 to 257°F
Rating 20A - 240V
Material Copper
Capillary length Up to 3000mm / Up to 118"
Safety limiter capillary Spiralled or single / double / triple bent
Mounting Bracket 42mm center to center or M10
Connections Brass faston or pillar terminals
Approvals Conformity CE, ENEC mark according to EN 60730-1, EN 60730-2-9, ROHS conformity
Technical drawings