Our know-how

Our know-how

Our know how is our capacity to anticipate market evolutions and to accompany our customers at each stage of their product life cycle, from design to mass production and commercialisation . Our success is also the result of the daily commitment of men and women from all over the world who are dedicated to serving our customers with high quality objectives.

Our know-how

R&D services

A team of more than 20 engineers and technicians , expert in technologies, project management and industrialization process for thermal controls and heating elements



Dedicated project managers and experts to accompany our customers towards the success of their projects.


Energie transition

Investing in new technologies that contribute to the evolution of an energy mix that is favorable to our environment.



Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by considering the entire life cycle of the product – Cotherm innovates in product eco-design and intelligent algorithm.



Measure with accuracy and contribute to the evolution of standards. More than 1000 products has been tested in our ISO 17025 efficiency laboratories.


Industrial excellence

To produce at a high level of quality and with a limited impact on the environment.

Quality and environment

Ecodesign is in our DNA, as our product performance in the application represents the major gain on environment impact. Cotherm has been committed since 2022 in high quality (ISO 9001 certification) and environmental and reduced environmental impact (ISO 14001).

Our history

Our Teams

An international group with a local cultures.

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Our know-how

Mr. Thierry Camillieri

Our know-how

Mr. Jerome Fourot

Our know-how

Ms. Sonia Faidi

Our know-how

Mr. Thomas Barbier

Our know-how

Mr. Pierre MOYON

Our know-how

Ms. Celine Leverd

Our know-how

Mr. Bertrand Hequet

Our know-how

Mr. Jeremy Sauron

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Ms. Caroline Adolf

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Mr. Alain Maillard

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Mr. Patrick Riboulet

Our know-how

Mr. Denis Aslan

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Ms. Blandine Alberti

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Mr. Benoît Beaujouan

Our know-how

Mr. Ralph Huysers

Our know-how

Mr. Borislav Radenkov


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