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Our lab service support and our products offer you the controller  solution for  your appliance

Our applications

As a major player in air heating, you will find amoung our product portfolio the regulation and safety solution for your heating application, Thanks to our Bi-climatic chamber laboratory, we can test your appliance and adapt it for you the best appropriate solution to your specific request.

Local space heaters

A full range of controllers, ERP compatible for optimized electric space heaters. Cotherm adapts solutions to you product strategy and support you with a bi-climatic laboratory, at the last state-of-art of local régulations.

Oil and gaz boilers

Our safety solutions are ready for implementation in your boiler aplication. New design assume a reliable safety operation over expended time.

Duct heaters

High reliable controlllers and safety limiter for harsh environment with limited possible maintance. Long lasting is essential

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