Performance and reliability applied to your application

Cotherm experience in product design and service support at large insdustrial scale can benefit to any application which need reliable and high performance solution.

Our application

Decover below a selection of applications addressed by Cotherm solutions – Contact us to submit your professional application and we will study a solution with you.

Power washer

High pressure resistance at a stable warm temeprature provide an efficient and safety cleaning tool for workers.


Sterilisation process requiires homogenious desinfection at munimum temperature garantee for a safe recycling.

Pool, spa & sauna

The pleasure of a pool or a spa worth a stable and accurate temperature control perfectly adapted to the heat generator.


Rough enrvironment resistant solution for a professional result, compatible with long lasting materials and machine in outdoor extreme conditions

Industrial controls

Only a professional approach and customised control enables stable industrial process


Get inspired by our latest use-cases for various applications.