Right temperature for right flavor

Precision and constant reliability, at high temperature, for a tasty cuisine

Our applications

Food service equipment is an area of excellence for Cotherm. Expertise stems from collaborating with major OEMs with thermostats for a range of kitchen Equipment.


Controlling your oven temperature for the best food to be cooked and served

Deep fryers

Safely controlling oil temperatures used for frying means peace of mind in the commercial kitchen.

Coffee and tea brewers

Corrosion resistant controls with improved temperature accuracy when brewing.

Cooking equipments

Whether controlling or limiting temperature, Cotherm’s technology is deeply rooted in cooking.

Warming and proofing tables

Cotherm’s thermostats allow for precise control and temperature maintenance whether you are keeping food at a safe serving temperature or prepping dough for baking.

Wine cellars

Maintaining an appropriate temperature for your wine cellar, to preserve all the taste, to age or to bring it to the serving temperature.


Maintaining the correct temperature to properly clean and disinfect dishware and cutlery is why we are the choice provider for set temperature thermostats.