With the passage of the Ecodesign and Energy Label Directives in the European Union, new standards have been established for industry.

For the past 10 years Cotherm has invested significant resources to redefine a research and development process.  The result is several new innovative product ranges and a continuous effort to bring new solutions to our customers.


With the use of advance laboratory and field test technologies, we are able to conduct in-depth application testing for our OEM customers to help define the best possible energy efficiency . Laboratories in the process of accreditation are in place to give reliable results and facilitate time to market deployment of new products to meet labeling requirements. But our aim is to go beyond the minimum requirements. It is to achieve product excellence which is field tested and reliable for end users.


Cotherm has been introducing in the past 6 years the iQuaFlex product range for Smart water heaters and Heat pump water heaters. As the first independent company to develop the Smart technology for its customers, we are proud to introduce a variety of platforms designed for every type of water heater configuration in markets worldwide. The unique product architecture allows us to propose a variety of solutions in both cost, features and customization. Solutions which improve performance to give our customers a competitive edge.