A world pioneer in the design and production of intelligent controllers, Cotherm is committed to the spirit of improvement introduced by the Kyoto agreements designed to reduce CO2 and global warning. A unique and performance oriented Cotherm iQ Smart technology is the choice of a guarantee of results.


Adapting to end user requirements on a continuous basis to provide maximum energy savings is the hallmark of iQ Smart.  An innovative set of hybrid technologies provide the full advantages of intelligent controllers while maintaining the best safety features available.  Innovations which have been field tested in live conditions for several years in 4 continents.  Each country has unique power distribution networks, tariff structures, climatic and water conditions and end user habits.  The full range of iQuaFlex Smart provides adapted solutions to each of these variables.



Comfort and peace of mind remain key requirements for our demanding customers who are in the search of the best possible products to answer to their needs.  Without compromising on their way of life and gaining the advantage of real savings through reduced energy consumption.    Investing in iQuaFlex is the choice of a better technology to make real savings.