Product expertise for mass markets is driven by technological excellence. In this way Cotherm has over the years developed considerable know how in electronic, electro-mechanical and hybrid technologies. Combining various materials, technologies through high quality processes are essential in allowing us to regularly introduce new solutions to our customers.


A dedicated team of experts work to develop timely solutions with improved performance and reliability. By mutualising the needs of our customers, these developments are made with a close eye on cost control for today’s competitive market environment.

Cotherm know-how in all steps of the product cycle starts with advanced innovation. New ideas are transformed into reality with mechanical design, software algorithms, hybrid technology integration, and performance materials. To satisfy the high levels of excellence required by our customers, an in-depth product qualification program leads us to test products in both high stress environments and through advanced customer application testing in our many R&D laboratories.


We also recognize that each geographical and market segment is different.  To help our customers meet the needs fo the these markets, our product architecture has been made to quickly facilitate customization of our solutions from mechanical design to customer user interfaces.  A project based development organization leads to perfectly adapted and ergonomic solutions.