100% sustainable packaging is possible!

100% sustainable packaging is possible!

Today, Cotherm reinforces its commitment to the environment with its new 100% made in France, 100% cardboard, 100% sustainable packaging!

Committed to reducing its environmental impact since 1998, Cotherm invests daily in new technologies and eco-design. When we talk about reducing the carbon impact of products, we naturally think of their design, the choice of materials used, the industrialization process or their use, but rarely of their packaging. For its “original spare parts” offer, Cotherm has decided to redesign its packaging, made from recyclable plastic.

Our objectives:

  • Put the product at the center of attention and make it more visible
  • Communicate with packaging that provides simple, accessible information
  • Substitute our recycled plastic packaging for a truly sustainable medium
  • Make it easy to assemble the packaging with the product
  • Create harmony at the point of sale in keeping with the brand

Our solutions:

  • Packaging that supports and promotes the product
  • A design inspired by origami, where folding and assembly contribute directly to rigidity
  • Use of cardboard, a recyclable and biodegradable material par excellence
  • The choice of recycled cardboard from ecologically sound, sustainable and economical forest management (FSC certification)

The result:
An easy-to-use packaging. Simply fold it, place one of our Cotherm thermostats or heaters in it, and voilà! Without the use of glue or tape, our product holds perfectly in place and is ready to be distributed in the stores of our partner distributors.

This new packaging is part of our ongoing eco-responsible approach, and follows the launch of our Ecoflex-55 thermostat as part of the government’s “Every gesture counts” campaign. (Find out all about this product in our news: NOUVEAU ! 10% d’économie d’énergie avec EcoFlex-55 – Cotherm)

In short, this eco-friendly packaging marks a step towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. By choosing sustainable materials and reducing waste, it offers a responsible alternative. Opting for such products means contributing to more ethical consumption and shaping a future where our comfort coexists harmoniously with the preservation of the planet.

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