The world continues to face an exceptional situation with a continuous expansion of Covid-19.  A second wave of the virus has led the French government to announce new measures to slow down the virus propagation and protect the population. While the measures are designed to limit human contacts and slow the growth of the virus, they are accompanied by a priority continuation of key economic activities.

Following a successful experience during the first March-April confinement, Cotherm has anticipated and implemented the necessary measures to fully comply with the government directives, minimize safety risks, and maintain the fullest activity and service to our customers.

Masks are mandatory inside all Cotherm facilities. Production lines, office layouts and personnel movements are organized in order to maintain social distancing.  Regular disinfection of facilities is routinely conducted and employees are required to apply the measures strictly.

On site personnel presence is limited to those whose physical work is necessary.  For others, remote work from home is the priority with full access to communication options with Cotherm partners

We anticipate that these measures will directly contribute to limit virus propagation and thank all Cotherm employees and partners who ensure business activities in an efficient manner, despite difficult working conditions.

Cotherm remains at your side during this difficult time.

Thanks to all our partners for your cooperation and understanding and stay healthy.