INTERVIEW TIME: Marie shares with us her 6-months internship at Cotherm

Marie, an engineering student at University of Technology of Belfort Mont Belliard, specialising in Industrial Systems, Production Management, Quality and Logistics, answers our questions:

• Why Cotherm?

Recently collaborating with a large international group, Cotherm is originally a family business in continuous improvement. Moreover, the Lean management, subject of my internship, has a predominant place in the company’s industrial strategy.

• Your missions?

I initiated a lean approach on the site, carrying out flow studies which helped to fluidify a certain number of operations. I also loved working on the field, in collaboration with the operators on the balancing of workstations to develop versatility, increase their skills and bring them a new way of working.

I was quickly given responsibilities and we were able to reduce work-in-progress and cut order preparation time!

• How do you feel about your internship?

A first professional experience that allowed me to move from theory to practice on lean technologies with the implementation of a lot of tools.

It was also a great experience in terms of human exchanges with great encounters!