Temperature controls for food service equipment

We design bulb and capillary thermostat solutions offering a large range of options especially designed for food service equipment like, deep frier, oven, warming and bakery oven, hot food wells. It covers temperature controls and high limit temperature from standard platforms that are customizable to your needs.

Cotherm’s expertise stems from supplying major OEMs with thermostats for a range of kitchen Equipment.


Controlling your oven temperature for the best food to be served.
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Consistent temperature regulation for a variety of cooking equipments.
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Our state-of-the-art facility is home to numerous labs where our products are run through trials in various foodservice equipment applications. We rigorously test our products to agency standards to ensure customers receive a robust and accurate product which will perform as expected in the commercial kitchen.

We are committed to putting all our expertise at your service to offer you quality, high-performance and safe products while respecting our environment.

We offer adapted solutions to your range of equipment covering the different foodservice applications : Beverage equipment, Warewashing, refrigeration, cooking ranges and countertop equipment, sterilization equipment, combi-ovens, convection ovens, bakery ovens, hot and cold food table, steam cookers, holding proofing and warming cabinets, deep fryer.

No matter where our products are used in the commercial kitchen, Cotherm’s temperature controls and high limit thermostats are based on a standard platform but are customizable to your needs. With over 70 years of experience in temperature control, our name is synonymous with dependability. We are the top choice when it comes to end-user safety!